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What is Ritchie University?

Ritchie University is a premier online resource learning website powered by Chad A. Ritchie. Each month, we highlight a specific Estate Planning topic and provide educational videos, articles, and answer any common questions pertaining to the topic. To help make his courses as enriching as possible, Chad makes it a priority to network with hundreds of Financial Planners, Funeral Directors; accountants; insurance salesman and clients to gain other expert's opinions on these topics. 


Each month contains an "action step", prompting learners to check on a small piece of their Estate Plan, ensuring that any updates that need to be made are done. By breaking down your Estate Plan into monthly action steps, it becomes more manageable and no small detail gets over looked. 

Who is Chad Ritchie?

Chad A. Ritchie has been practicing law in McLean County, Illinois since receiving his law license in November, 2002. He is a solo attorney practicing law through his own law firm – the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. 

As an Estate Planning attorney who has done nearly 500 Estate Plans and counting, Chad uses his personal experiences and what he has learned over his years to help his clients gain peace of mind during their Estate Planning process. 


Because Estate Planning is a comprehensive plan and not just a single document, Chad stresses the importance of annual Estate Plan check ups. Changes in law, family composition, or even personal wishes can cause neglected Estate Plans to fail. To minimize failing Estate Plans, Chad created Ritchie University as a way to share his extensive knowledge of Estate Planning and walk clients through the check up process.

Chad A. Ritchie


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